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i want a piece too ;)

i want a piece too ;)

Reblog if you think ‘Into The New World’ is Legendary.



And the Best Debut Song ever.

lol hyoyeon always seems to be trollin and.. sunny?

(Source: absoluteyoona)

少女時代 / MR.TAXI (DANCE VER.) (by universalmusicjapan)


After 30 minutes of music videos, everyone is hyped up for the Girls to arrive while the intro plays.

…. see what happens. LOL

*please credit when re-posting :)

SNSD kicks off the first official US Fanmeet with The Boys!

-Sorry for the shaking. There was a lot of shoving, plus I was busy watching the girls rather than my screen, obviously!

*please credit when re-posting :)

Hurry and vote for the girls and get them back to #1 for best female group!

Tae has also moved up from #3 to #2 for best OST. Let’s get her to #1!